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Drugstore owner foils robbery with the help of trusty handgun

Originally ran here as:
"Drugstore owner pulls gun on would-be robber"
From Staff Reports
Ashville Citizen - Times News
August 31, 2001

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA - A pharmacy owner foiled a robbery attempt by a 26- year-old man who was trying to get morphine from the store.

Richard Foster James, of 40 Coleman Ave., was charged with attempted common law robbery for the Thursday morning hold-up of Lord's Drug Store on Merrimon Avenue.

According to a police report, the owner of the store was able to detain the would-be robber, instructing him to sit on the floor until officers arrived.

The man entered the store shortly before 11 a.m. and handed the owner a note that read: "1 liquid bottle of morphine or everyone gets the sever consequnice!"

The suspect also told the victim to set off no alarms, according to the report.

Seeing that the man had no visible weapon, the owner grabbed his own gun. He showed it to the suspect and convinced him to sit on the floor until police arrived. Asheville police later arrested the man without further problems.

A police warrant indicates that James is either an employee or student at UNCA. He is being held at the Buncombe County jail on $5,000 bond.

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