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(Editor’s note: The following was written by Robin Winters, , to a newspaper writer for an un-named Scottish newspaper. His email address is Robin assumes in this letter that Mr. McKay is a Scot but in his response to this letter, he reveals that he is in fact Irish and lives in Great Britain.)

Originally published on this website August 9, 2001

My Dear Mr. MacKay:

I just finished reading your rather long-winded article about The Second Amendment Sisters. How precious little you know about that sacred document we call the U.S. Constitution! Well, seeing as you are a Scotsman, I’ll have to try to explain it to you.

The thing that sets our constitution apart from the constitutions of all other countries is this: The others seek to grant certain rights to their citizens, while ours recognizes certain rights to have been granted us by our creator (could they have meant God?). The constitutions of other countries extend certain powers to their governments. Ours seeks to limit the powers of our government. There is no other document like it in history of mankind. It has often been referred to as “the greatest experiment in human liberty”. I say, you’d do well to learn it, love it, and live it!

As to King George being dead and all, let me say this: King George was real and not simply some imaginary character out of a bedtime story, and history is known to repeat itself. Just look at communist China and Cuba as examples of what happens to countries whose citizens are rendered unarmed and helpless. Such things happened long after King George was dead and buried. As to Tony Blair not being a tyrant who would seek to conquer, I beg to differ. The man is a socialist, as his oppressive, Labour Party agenda attests. It is not unimaginable that modern day world leaders might have evil aspirations of world domination. It’s happened before and, given the chance, it could very well happen again. We patriotic Americans, who are committed to living in a free and independent nation, will not allow it to happen.

Now, as to your bashing and demonization of The Second Amendment Sisters, may I say that I am one of them, as well as a card-carrying NRA member. I am a mother of a lovely 4-year-old girl, and I don’t leave guns within her reach. She will be taught gun safety and proper handling of firearms when she’s old enough. I’m sure many Second Amendment Sisters would resent your portrayal of them as gun-wielding, toothless Ellie May Clampets of America’s Midwest. It so happens, I live in The People’s Republic of New Jersey, as I fondly refer to it. It is a very liberal state in which I am prohibited from carrying a sidearm. No surprise that this state went solidly to Al Gore in the 2000 election.

As to your sarcastic comment about Mrs. Heil’s name being “Nazi-esque”, I find that very lowbrow in itself. Just because the woman has a German last name, you associate her with Nazis? Better cover up, Mr. MacKay, your bigotry is showing! If you’d study your history a bit more, you might find that one of the first agenda items of a fascist government is to disarm the citizens! Say, isn’t that what you’d like to do? I guess that makes you a fascist! Isn’t that ironic?

As to your references to Great Britain, I wouldn’t be so quick to hold them up as an example of nations who know how to resolve their crime problems. That country has gone from bad to worse ever since they banned all handguns and placed tight restrictions on long arms. In June of 2000, a CBS News report proclaimed it to be “one of the most violent urban societies in the Western world.” Now there’s something to aspire to! Why don’t we in America just follow their lead and disarm all of our law-abiding citizens, so that we can all be victimized too! I read about a recent study which says that 1.6% of all British men have been raped by another man.

There may be hope for the Brits after all, though. It seems the Tories have organized a group, which is fighting to repeal some of these totalitarian gun laws. They want to make it legal to shoot an intruder in one’s own home, which is self-defense in my mind. It is a disgrace that Tony Martin, an English citizen who was only defending himself, has received a life sentence for shooting a man who broke into his Norfolk farmhouse in the middle of the night. I suppose the intruder was only “popping in for tea”, is that right?

No, Mr. MacKay, we “Yanks” are not about to return to the days of King George, nor will we submit to the totalitarian regime of Tony Blair, whose Labour government is not far from being a monarchy. Had the patriots of the colonies not taken up arms as they did (many of them were merely disaffected Englishmen, by the way), we would not be a free and independent nation today. You may hope to import your liberalism over here, but we’re not swallowing your tripe!

The old adage that “guns don’t kill people; people kill people” is absolutely true, Mr. MacKay. I’ve yet to see a gun pick itself up, self-load, and fire without help. Besides which, murderers have used other creative measures to kill throughout history. Should we also ban knives, axes, baseball bats, chainsaws and the like? No, the truth is, Mr. MacKay, gun laws will not be obeyed by criminals (that’s why they’re called criminals; they don’t obey laws). It’s time we held people accountable for murder and violent crime, not guns. Those teenagers who shot people in Columbine and other schools did not possess those guns legally, not in one instance. Many, many gun laws were broken during those incidences; why do you think more gun laws will work? I’ve never understood that about you anti-gun types; perhaps you can explain it to me? Tell me, how will more gun laws prevent law-breakers from killing people? I’d really like to know.

In closing, Mr. MacKay, I’d like to wish you liberty and justice, as I do for all people; even you silly liberals who don’t seem to recognize the need for it.

Robin A. Winters
Lover of Liberty & “Gun-Toting Second Amendment Chick”

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