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Major Networks Refuse Front Sight's ARM PILOTS Commercial


October 4, 2001

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Fax: 831.684.2137

Major Networks Refuse Front Sight's ARM PILOTS Commercial

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Major media networks have refused to air a 60 second commercial calling for President Bush, the FAA, and the airlines to arm commercial pilots. The commercial, to run on prime time slots was produced and sponsored by Front Sight Founder's Society.

Front Sight Firearm Training Institute's Founder and Director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza was surprised that major networks refused to air a commercial in which Front Sight encourages Americans to contact President Bush, the FAA, and the airlines to demand that our commercial pilots be armed. In the commercial Front Sight also offers to immediately train all commercial pilots and co-pilots FREE OF CHARGE that are authorized to carry a gun to defend the cockpit against terrorists.

Piazza states,

"It is unfortunate that the major networks would not air our 60 second commercials aimed at spreading the truth that the only solution to forever preventing another World Trade Center attack is to give pilots the ability and authority to defend the cockpit with a gun. Front Sight's solution is simple, efficient, effective and will not cost the taxpayers, air passengers, or airlines a dime. Our commercial demonstrated how easy and safe it is to stop cold a terrorist attempting to invade the doorway of the cockpit or take a hostage. Front Sight has the absolute solution. We are willing to provide our gift of up to 150 million dollars in training free of charge and Front Sight Founder's Society is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to spread the truth of our solution."

To view the commercial that major media networks refused to air visit Front Sight's web site at and support Front Sight's efforts to arm and train our commercial pilots by joining Front Sight Founder's Society.

Front Sight Founder's Society is now producing a new 60 second commercial to be ready by next week. Says Piazza,

"The next commercial, unfortunately must be more politically correct to get it aired, but will have the same message to arm our pilots and take back control of the skies. Watch for it and support Front Sight's Founder's Society."

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