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FAA -- False Sense of Security

Date sent: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 10:59:03 -0700
From: Bob <>
Subject: FRAUD

When exactly will the media report the obvious fraud being perpetrated by the FAA?

Please be sure to mention that none of the proposed "security measures" would have stopped what happened at the WTC and the Pentagon.

Reminds me of what one of our founding fathers said. 

“Those who trade essential liberty for a little temporary safety, deserves neither liberty nor safety.”
- Ben Franklin -

Weapons and ammunition exists that are "aircraft friendly". It is time to put away this nonsense that everyone carrying a gun on an aircraft "must" be a terrorist. Maybe it is just someone who recognizes the government is powerless to protect them despite their rhetoric. Just how were their regulations successful in preventing this most recent disaster?

Armed pilots or aircrew would be helpful. An air marshal on every flight is better than nothing but a scheduling nightmare and puts one more person at risk. The crew is always there. They are professionals and know when they are in danger. They should be the first line of defense.

The fact is, even a decompression of an aircraft is surviveable. A madman induced controlled flight into a stationary object is NOT.

These recent recommendations for airport security are a joke. They will do nothing; I repeat nothing to make your visit to an airport any more than a major pain in the ass. If our government is to be believed, these recommendations are unnecessary because if they do what they say they are going to do, terrorists will no longer be a problem. I'm sure you believe that one.

It is time to take fantasy out of the equation. These airport security measures, being enforced by minimum wage high school dropouts in a fancy uniform are totally useless. Air marshals put an end to unscheduled flights to Havana and were replace by the vapor fix of the security checkpoint. Clearly these cannot stop a dedicated madman or as the recent episode clearly shows, a conspiracy of madmen. Madmen will succeed despite our concerted and often expensive methods to prevent them.

20,000 gun laws have not prevented criminals from acquiring guns. They have only prevented law-abiding citizens from acquiring guns and being able to use those guns in their own defense.

20,000 laws regulating air travel and airport security will not stop terrorists from boarding airplanes. What will stop them is the ultimate authority of the aircraft crew, an ARMED aircraft crew. --Fight back! Join those who prefer not being victims.

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