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Governor Taft of Ohio

(Author's note: This was sent to the Columbus Dispatch on 30 July 2001. So far, they have not published it...not surprising, I guess. This is pertaining to the Concealed Carry debate now occurring in Columbus. -Jon)

From: “Jon K. Walser”
cc: Bob Taft
Subject: Open letter to Gov: Concealed Carry


I don't much care who has a “strong voice on the debate”. I object, fervently, to your idea that law enforcement should have a veto power on my inalienable rights. The very concept is obscene!

Every other jurisdiction in the country that has liberalized carry laws has seen an immediate and significant drop in violent crime. You have bought into a prediction of disaster. There are only a few justifications for that viewpoint:

1. You are uninformed. For a Governor to remain uninformed on this issue is, in my view, grossly negligent. If you are ignorant, read the book "More Guns, Less Crime" by John Lott.

2. You are familiar with the track record (double digit drops in violent crime rates), but hold the view that Ohio Citizens are more evil or insane than the citizens of other States. I find that to be insulting, in the extreme!!

3. You are evil. Even though you swore an oath to preserve and protect the constitutions of Ohio and the United States, you are violating that oath. Why, I leave up to the Criminal Psychologists...the desire for personal power or wealth are likely suspects.

As for those Law Enforcement organizations that are against Concealed Carry in Ohio...well they are ignorant, insulting, or evil.

I suppose there is a fourth possibility, but I don't believe you are simply too stupid to “get it”; or are you?

Jon K. Walser
Columbus, OH 43212

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