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The sword may be mightier than the pen

Subj: Chasing the wrong answer
Date: 08/17/2001 10:13:52 PM MDT

Read your editorial in all its slanted, inglorious ignorance. Apparently you are unaware of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, the Federalist and AntiFederalist Papers, the myriad explanations of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights by the Founding Fathers of this nation and Patriots of the American Revolution, pamphleteers of the day and other right-minded citizens. I have a feeling you went to public school.

I assume you have access to the Internet (you know, the one your hero algore fathered). At the speed of roughly 186 million miles per second, information retrieval via this means would be just a bit faster than hoofing it to the public library to avail yourself of this information. But what do I know? After all, I am just a "bozo" walking around disguised as an American woman. According to another of your uninformed yet highly elitist ilk ("Congresswoman" Loretta Sanchez), I should get married rather than carry a firearm for my safety. What happens next if I do take that advice and my husband gets shot because you want to disarm him? Oops. I'm disarmed, too. Bang, bang, I'm dead anyway, married or not. So much for the Sanchez theory of self-defense.

Can you explain to me why the dire predictions of blood running in the streets following concealed carry never materialized in Florida, in Arizona, in Oregon, in Texas? Where are the retractions from those savants who made those prognostications? Why are they still bleating about the same nonoccurrence whenever another state declares right to carry plans?

Apparently 33 states have grown tired of this dissembling because you are the boys who cried wolf once too often. Well, the wolf is still around. Here's a hint: he's the one carrying weapons despite all the insane laws you want passed and have passed. Give up? Here's another clue (you have to fill in the blanks): he's a C_ _ _ _ _ _ L who doesn't give a rat's you-know-what about ANY law. If he were a responsible, law-abiding citizen, he would be one of the 80 million plus people who did not kill anyone today with their firearms. How do you explain that? And before you try, let me warn you I am not public school educated, I was not brainwashed by the NEA version of revisionist history, and I live and THINK in Bill O'Reilley's "NO SPIN ZONE".

I was reading the Classics in their original languages before you were ever thought of. And just why does any enforcement body have to approve of my RIGHT to keep and bear arms? They didn't give me this right and they certainly have no right to refuse it to me or try to pre-empt it from any law-abiding citizen of this country. Is this too complicated for you to comprehend? If so, maybe you better get an education. Then you might learn to read and actually understand what you have read. Then you might learn how to research your articles before you go off uninformed. Then maybe all your cohorts in the Fourth Estate might actually have some sense of esteem restored to your profession. Lies, no matter how many times repeated, remain lies. No truth is ever a lie. Learn the difference, or you may find, to your dismay, that one day the sword may be mightier than the pen.

Nancy M. Siebern

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