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Please Provide Safe Storage

From: "Angel Shamaya" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 00:55:31 -0700
Subject: Please Provide Safe Storage

Utah Republican Party Executive Director, Scott Parker

Angel Shamaya
Founder/Executive Director, Utah Liaison

RE: Provide safe storage during VP Cheney's Visit

August 21, 2001

Dear Mr. Parker,

It has come to our attention that there is no provision for the safe storage of firearms for our Vice President's visit to the GOP Convention in Sandy, Utah.

On behalf of our Utah members, I am respectfully requesting that you work with Sandy police to assure that safe storage for firearms IS provided.

Without your providing safe storage at the convention, a few worst case scenarios exist that you and the good police officers in Sandy should carefully consider:

1) Guns left unattended in cars could be stolen. Failure to provide safe storage could result in numerous small claims suits against any of a number of agencies.

2) If guns were stolen, they could end up being used in crimes. If a crime gun were found to be one stolen outside the facility where Utah's GOP Convention was held, much more expensive lawsuits could ensue. Or a crime could be committed against the disarmed citizen due to being defenseless, and that could also produce some problems.

3) Some of the staunchest supporters of the GOP are gun owners, and many of them carry guns legally and responsibly, in Utah. Why alienate your base by failing to respect and provide for their needs? Do you really want the good citizens who helped put Cheney in office sitting this one out because of an unintended insult? Hardly.

Keeping Mr. Cheney safe of course makes sense. And though Utah's concealed carry permit holders average out to be among the most lawful people in the state, because a ruling to disarm lawful, decent citizens has been made, do the right thing and provide for the safe storage of our members' firearms.

Thank you kindly, sir. Have a fantastic day!


Angel Shamaya
Founder/Executive Director
(520) 522-8833

[NOTE: They DID provide safe storage, thanks to the work of UTGOA and the many activists who wrote and called on the issue.]

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