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Project: Safe Skies -- RKBA to the Rescue

by The Hunter

October 9, 2001

Project: Safe Skies ( was founded to promote the idea that just because you choose to travel by commercial airlines you do not forfeit your inherent right of self-defense. The horrific events of September 11, and ESPECIALLY the successful counter-attack by the heroes of United Flight 93, make it abundantly clear just how necessary that fundamental right is. I have been both gratified and amazed how many other writers simultaneously came to the same realization I did about the dire necessity of repealing the unconstitutional laws forbidding peaceful, responsible citizens from carrying firearms aboard aircraft. The only thing more amazing is the capacity for the gummint-worshippers and the media to goose-step carefully around that conclusion.

I realize I am preaching to the choir here, but just think a moment about the events of that day. Dozens of people on all four planes carried cell phones, and used them to make calls to their loved ones or the authorities. Think about this a moment: the price range of cell phones is roughly the same as that for defensive firearms. Bargain basement models of dubious reliability for $150 or so, and top of the line, rock solid brand names for $1000 or so. But firearms are easier to learn to use; and even the most despised "Saturday night special junk-gun pocket-rocket hi-capacity assault weapon" in the hands of ANY of those folks instead of that cell phone would have saved EVERY person aboard - and many thousands on the ground.

This message, ladies and gentlemen, is in my opinion the most important words that the gun rights movement have ever had to deliver to the general public. It is also the most glaringly graphic example ever created of WHY it is so incredibly dangerous to promote a disarmed society. These events have the potential to begin undoing years of hoplophobic brainwashing by an irresponsible media and power-hungry government officials. We have irrefutable information and a glaringly obvious example to point to, and it is vital that we make our fellow citizens aware of the truth.

Every person who believes in gun rights should use every means they can find or create to spread this message. For our vaunted American freedoms to survive, we HAVE to re-establish a link in people's mind between being a productive, responsible, patriotic member of American society and being armed, vigilant, and self-reliant. As those of us who have studied the works of people like Gary Kleck and John Lott well know, the overwhelming majority of Americans are peaceful and law-abiding. We need to DEMAND that the authorities stop using the evil acts of a fraction of a per cent of the population to "justify" illegal restrictions on the law-abiding majority.

Rather than ratcheting up security ever tighter in a vain attempt to do the impossible, let us show our fellow citizens how THEY can together stop terrorism in its tracks. Rather than spending millions of dollars to almost double the numbers of federal agents available to guard the planes, let us convince the Republic to let citizen volunteers do the job for a pittance, in the true spirit of Lexington Green and the Minutemen. We KNOW and can PROVE from many years of concealed carry statistics that lawful American gun-owners are safe, sane, and careful in their defensive use of handguns. In this time of war, our best and brightest must go to the front, and by demanding that we be allowed to make this contribution we free up that many more able bodies for the arduous battle to corner our enemies.

Project: Safe Skies has already outlined the case we need to present to the American people, but we need your help. Every paper in the nation, every Congressman and Senator, every airline executive; every media outlet or policy-maker of any sort needs to be bombarded with letters, phone calls, faxes, and emails until they are FORCED to confront the truth. We need volunteers to help plug the reams of solid information the gun rights movement has produced over the years into an airtight case that cannot be denied. The airline pilots are organizing to defy the government, airline management, and even their union to ground all flights until they are allowed to be armed - "We the People" need to do the same, and absolutely REFUSE to fly until our Second Amendment rights are restored. Please come see what we are building at, and join us in our vow and demand:

Never Again Unarmed.... Let Freedom Fight!

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