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Man shot during burglary attempt dies of complications

Originally ran here as:
"Man dies after the burglary of a second-hand store in Orange Grove area"
by Jeremy Brown
Corpus Christi Caller-Times
October 12, 2001

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- Oscar Garcia watched his 37-year-old brother Jesus, wounded last August as he attempted to burglarize an Orange Grove area second-hand store, die Thursday after gradually wasting away.

By Thursday Jesus Garcia, facing burglary charges before his death, weighed 80 pounds with his skin turning green as he underwent dialysis treatments, his brother said.

"My brother was in really bad shape," said Oscar Garcia.

He said that his brother might have traveled on his bicycle to the shop on County Road 352 early in the morning Aug. 7 to steal some gasoline for his car.

But Garcia was shot by shop owner Pablo Gonzalez, who was camped in the bed of his pickup with his dog and .22-caliber rifle because he was tired of being burglarized, according to the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department.

According to Oscar Garcia, when his brother was approached by Gonzalez he was shot after he got scared and started running.

His brother, paralyzed from the waist down, died as a result of injuries to the spine and chest, medical officials said Thursday

Gonzalez, who could not be reached for comment late Thursday, could go before a grand jury later this month in connection with the shooting, 79th District Attorney Joe Frank Garzasaid Thursday.

Jim Wells County is part of the 79th District.

Oscar Garcia, stunned by the shooting, said that he and his brother had sometimes watched football games with Gonzalez

Garza said that people have the right to shoot trespassers on their property in certain circumstances.

The fact that Garcia died will not influence the case, the district attorney said.

"We would have to go with what happened that night," Garza said.

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