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Another Jock goes Mindless

Date sent: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 21:40:55 -0400
From: "John W. Watkins Jr," <>
Subject: Another jock goes mindless

Dear Mr. Daily:

I read with some amusement your article about Mr. Robinson's Bushmaster.

That is a very well made AR-15 which is a semi automatic by the way. My wife Kathe, has a left handed carbine model while mine is the heavier DCM Bushmaster.

I grew up a Democrat in the 60's and was part of the Hippie and later to become New Age generation. For years my wife and I were ambivalent about weapons in general. We supported the Second Amendment and that was about it.

A year ago two of our friends took us to a rifle range and we were apprehensive at first. After firing their smaller weapons, we became interested in the sport. Now, my wife is a Second Amendment Sister and a life member of the N.R.A.

I guess we had an epiphany since we had grown up in the beginnings of the touchy feeley society. It was like the Soviet experience, driving down the road to a socialist utopia and reaching a dead end.

Guns are not the problem, our pop culture orientated society may be the real problem.

An example is in order:

1955 - My, what a fine pair of running shoes you have.
2001 - Gimmie them Nike's or I'll blast you!

We both have concealed carry permits but do not always have a Glock or 1911A Springfield on our persons. Usually, mine is under the seat. In Virginia, we do have the right to carry. Quite frankly, my 1911 usually stays at home in the safe.

Unfortunately, sending loving good vibrations to our enemies will not always have the desired effect. They my just reply, "Let me know if the knife hurts too much. I'll rotate it just a bit so I miss that nerve." It would be wonderful if the "Ebony and Ivory" song were true in a metaphorical sense but not everyone lives together in perfect harmony and never will. For clarification, "Ebony and Ivory" means any race, religious or cultural group of any bent.

Kathe and I see nothing wrong with firearms ownership per se. We believe one should act responsibly with safety a primary concern, always. Unfortunately, for the gun grabbing social engineers, the recent events of September, 11 and the Emerson decision on individual rights reserved to the people in the 5th circuit court of appeals decision has rendered a severe blow to their "what's best for us" agenda.

I guess the only thing I detest about gun ownership is the disassembly and cleaning after going to the range. My wife has watched me clean our firearms many times but says that she will do the dishes. The pistol and rifle cleaning is my job.

I am just a dichotomy, I guess. I like twelve tone harmony, Stravinsky, Lucas Foss, and "some" classical electronic music. Heck, I even like Yanni and Manhiem Steamroller. And, I enjoy firearms, especially target shooting. Oddly though, while I respect the right for people to hunt for population control, especially deer, I just could not kill an animal for sport. That I would never do.

I respect your opinions but I beg to disagree with any quasi leftist innuendoes about gun ownership.

Good luck to you,

John W. Watkins Jr.
Richmond, Va.

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