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Wrong Ruling on Second Amendment

From: "Larry Enloe" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 23:30:33 -0500
To: <>
Cc: "Keep And Bear Arms" <>
Subject: Wrong Ruling on Second Amendment

Wow!! Does the fact that just because you are an "editor" of the Austin Statesman, give you the right to decree your values of "gun control'? I would be willing to bet that you would change your tune in a hurry if something horrendous was happening around you or your family. Don"t forget, the people on Flight 93 were a part of the "demonized Militia" that you folks just don't seem to understand.

Oh, I think I understand -- you and your ilk want all Americans disarmed so that we are easier prey for the criminals and bad guys. (The courts had ruled repeatedly that the police have to duty to protect us.)

Try singing a different tune -- your drivel does not wash with anyone who has half an ounce of brains and can not only read and understand the "Bill of Rights", but also the "founders intentions".

You "gun controllers" and "disarmament troopers" are way out of sync with the real world and what is really going on. Don't forget -- Tokyo Rose was prosecuted as a traitor.

Playing on people's fears during this time of national tragedy is unforgivable. Someone please pass me a "giant barf bag"!!!!

L. Enloe
Arlington, Texas


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