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Nation of Cowards

From: "D. A. Kensler" <
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 11:47:54 -0800
Cc: "Letters KABA" <>
Subject: Armed Pilots

Ms. Wilson,

I just finished reading the exchange between you & Kurt Amesbury concerning your stance on arming pilots of Mesa Air. I want you to know of my position. I need to fly my daughter & myself, several times yearly, to points west. Until I can be assured that there are "Lethal" measures in-place to protect my daughter & me while in your company's custody, I will NOT be using your airlines.

It is my belief that the restrictions imposed (infringements to the 2nd Amendment) by disarming all customers, thus taking away their right to defend themselves while doing business with (flying on) commercial airlines, is the primary contributing factor to the incidents of 9-11-01.

My suggestion is to allow all "Concealed Carry Weapons permit holders" (CCW), law enforcement, pilots, & Sky Marshals in particular to carry hand weapons (loaded with frangible bullets) onto any & all commercial carriers. Statistics have proven that CCWs have a much lower rate of "collateral damage" (2% vs. 11%) of nearby innocents than professional law enforcement personnel thus allowing them the "preferred position" of being able to defend themselves & other law-abiding customers.
Reflecting back on the incidents of 9-11-01, I am reminded of a quote from Jeff Snyder in "A Nation of Cowards" that sheds light on a position that I do not wish to be placed in ever again:

If you believe it is reprehensible to possess the means and will to use lethal force to repel a criminal assault... how can you rightfully ask another human being to risk his life to protect yours?

~~.Jeff Snyder, "A Nation of Cowards"

Thank you for your time,
D. A. Kensler

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