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Oppose CARA

Date sent: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 10:10:16 -0700
From: Gary Marbut/MSSA/TOS <
Subject: Oppose CARA

Dear MSSA Friends,

Below is a copy of a letter I just sent to Senator Conrad Burns and Congressman Dennis Rehberg. I have included email addresses for both and also for their key staffers, to facilitate your concurrence with this letter. 

I hope you will join MSSA in opposing CARA. FYI, CARA would use revenues from offshore drilling to, among other things, purchase wildlife habitat and recreational property. Already in Montana we see the disregard of the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks for Montana sportsmen, because Montana sportsmen contribute a relatively small part of their income - "He who pays the fiddler names the tune." So, CARA would further federalize FWP, and would threaten ownership of private property with compulsory purchases of "wildlife habitat" by public entities, taking management of property out of the hands of those private and vested people who manage it best and placing management in the hands of unelected, mid-level bureaucrats. 

CARA would also shift tax-paying private property off the tax roles, thereby increasing the tax burden for the rest of us. 

I think CARA is a very bad deal! It is certainly the dream of the enviros and FWP - they support it heavily.



United States Senator Conrad Burns <> <> Congressman Dennis Rehberg <> <>

Dear Conrad and Denny,

Please be advised that MSSA is very much opposed to H.R. 701, the "Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA). We believe that the money involved will corrupt bureaucrat recipients, we believe that CARA will drastically interfere with private property, and we believe that sportsmen and women will be further dealt out of the game in directing conservation of wildlife, and preservation of hunting and fishing opportunities.

While it sounds good, CARA will become a long-term disaster for sportsmen, just like the Endangered Species Act has.

Gary Marbut,

Montana Shooting Sports Association

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