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.50 Cal in Nevada

From: "John Bear Ross" <>
To: <>
Subject: Thanks for the inspiring article...made me write my congressman
Date sent: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 15:38:46 -0800

(This is related to and inspired by the article found on the KABA site. -ed)

To the Honorable J. Gibbons, R-NV
Honorable Sir:

I'm a constituent back here in Las Vegas. I vote. I'm a former Marine. I'm a small business owner. Most of all, I'm a concerned patriot (I was before this mess started, and I will be after the "fad" fades). I'm writing this letter to urge you to do your damnedest to shut down ANY gun legislation that appears before you, or which you are called to vote upon. With over 20000 (that's Twenty THOUSAND) gun laws on the books nationwide, I doubt I'd feel any safer with any more. As a matter of fact, as my representative, I'd like to see you do your part to start paring down the excessive over-regulation that besieges my Constitutional Second Amendment rights.

One example currently comes to mind (don't worry, there'll be more...I've suddenly had a revival in my "write your congressman" spirit).

You're a standup guy by reputation, a fighter pilot during the Gulf War, if I recall correctly. When Representative Blagojevich from Illinois slimes his way out of his office to slander the gun-owning populace of America, I'd like you to "call the ball" on his idiocy. Rep. Blagojevich has gone on record as saying that the .50BMG (the "fifty cal"), a cartridge that predates the Harding administration, is suddenly the "EVIL GUN OF THE HOUR", endowing it with psuedo-magical properties that approach science fiction. Rep. Blagojevich and his ilk have attributed the Fifty Cal with the ability to pierce tank hulls, hit targets 4 miles away, down jumbo jets, and other mishmash. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Rep. Blagojevich has vilified this rifle round up and down in the press by blatantly spouting mistruths and outright lies to forward his agenda, and unfortunately, a sheepishly large proportion of the populace is listening to him. Now, they're even linking the Atrocity of September 11th to their efforts to ban this unrelated weapon (you'd think they'd ban box cutters instead of fifty cals). This disgusting propaganda by the Left brings me to my point.

There is a term that is used in the Marines (among other places), and it is quite coarse and boorish, but it gets the point across when you want something done, and done post haste. It's known as "putting your boot up his ass", or in other words, getting things done expediently and forcefully.

I, the voting, small-business-owning, taxpaying former Marine, demand you to put your legislative boot up Representative Blagojevich's digestive-tract-output-ring, and all the output-rings of every other antigun legislator you have the displeasure of crossing paths with. Figuratively, of course.

I want you to wheel, deal, scratch, carve, and swindle my gun rights back into existence. I want you to fight as dirty and underhanded to protect my rights as the Liberal Left does to take them away. I, the person you represent, officially empower you to work your magic, do that voodoo that you do so well, and keep the liars and gun-snatchers of the world at bay.

It won't be a popular stance. It won't be easy. I believe you can do it, though, and if you can't, I'll elect some one who will. For more information on the idiocy being spread about the Fifty Cal, I've enclosed a link to a particularly informative web site that you or your staff are more than welcome to analyze for future legislative ass-booting.

I thank you for your time in advance.
Your Constituent,
John Bear Ross

Yours in Freedom,
John Bear Ross
Owner, Lead Designer, Hellion Productions

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