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A Round of Hearty Applause for the FBI
Corrupt Mayor Who Sued Gun Industry Meeting His Just Rewards

by Angel Shamaya

November 3, 2001 -- Every now and then, it becomes necessary to break with tradition and heartily applaud a federal agency. (Though rare, I've once or twice even said nice things about the usually oath-breaking, rights-violating, firearm-stealing, entrapment-happy gun Nazis at BATF.)  And today offers just such an occasion.

The recent actions the FBI has taken in Bridgeport, Connecticut are cause for celebration.

The oath-breaking Mayor of Bridgeport -- Mayor Joseph P. "Extortionist" Ganim -- is facing 175 years in prison on 24 felony charges, including racketeering, bribery, extortion, mail fraud and tax evasion.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Extortion has been Mayor Joseph P. Ganim's middle name when it comes to gun rights.  (Ganim is Bridgeport's Bill Clinton, so we'll be watching his trial proceedings to find out what the definition of "is" is.)  On January 29, 1999, Ganim and his bribing, extorting fraud buddies filed:

Ganim v. Smith & Wesson, Inc.
No. CV-99-0361279S (Superior Court, Judicial District of Fairfield, at Bridgeport, Connecticut), on appeal, A.C. 20382 (Appellate Court of the State of Connecticut)

Ganim's goal was to do litigiously what he and his kind -- extortionists and frauds -- were unable to do legislatively: force gun manufacturers to bend to the will of gun prohibitionists.  His lawsuit, though named against Smith & Wesson, also sought damages from 14 other gun manufacturers whose names you know well and from several gun dealers and even a couple of gun rights associations.  The 45-page complaint submitted by Ganim himself is a professionally-crafted, masterful plan of extortion. Ganim's willing accomplices in the crime against the gun manufacturers included Dennis Henigan, one of Brady's Chief Extortionists.

Though the Mayor's Gun Control Extortion lawsuit was struck down by Connecticut's Supreme Court in March 2001, apparently, Mayor Ganim's other forays into the field of extortion have landed quite a bit of cash.  Along with a prison term, Ganim is facing a $6,000,000 fine and forfeiture of $475,000.  "It pays to be in politics," he must have thought -- until now.

Most notable in the Connecticut Post's heartwarming tale of Mayor Extortionist's woes is a quote from FBI agent Michael J. Wolf, who heads FBI operations in Connecticut. Agent Wolf said:

"This indictment and the 10 guilty pleas thus far culminate the first phase of a long-term commitment by law enforcement to unmask, expose and bring to justice individuals masquerading as honest public servants."

He's got Ganim pegged alright. Agent Wolf said the goal of their ongoing investigation in Bridgeport has been, and will continue to be "to uncover and root out corruption that plagued the city of Bridgeport for many years."

To get the full picture of what this repugnant individual has been up to -- stealing, cheating, the works -- read the allegations against him here:,1002,3750%257E205703,00.html.

And it probably won't be long before the Brady Bunch quietly removes their page referring to Ganim's extortion tactics over gun manufacturers, so if you want to read it before it's gone, click here:

A total of 33 governments have sued gun manufacturers.  Chances are good a few of the other extortionists have left paper trails for the feds to follow.  Let's hope so.


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