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Letter to NRA with Follow-up

From: "Ross, Ken" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 09:39:17 -0500
Subject: Letter to NRA

(The following was submitted to the NRA's online comments form.)

I am completely embarrassed at the NRA's stance on CARA. To point out ONE article of a legislation that overall would allow the government to buy up private land based on an environmentalist's ruling is as insane as the media wanting their free speech and not the gun rights. The Constitution of this country is ONE WHOLE document. To be so focused on a single item is to be as narrow-minded as the people we are looking to enlighten.

I've already paid a 5 year membership, I cannot get that money back. But until the NRA decides to commit to not supporting anti-rights legislation, rest assured, the NRA will not be getting any more contributions from myself.

P.S. - Not having any contact information such as e-mail addresses on the web site and making us use these feedback forms is the same thing the anti-self-defense crowd likes to use to control the influx of mail. It's tasteless and annoying.

Ken Ross

(Footnote: Ken followed up with an e-mail of their response. I was thinking when they responded to me they responded awfully quickly considering the length of their response and I was right. The response I got,, is the exact same response they've been sending everyone. Here's what Ken had to say about that:)

From: Ken Ross <
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 12:22:57 -0500
To: "ILA-Contact" <
Subject: Re: RE: Contact from NRA hq web site: Membership/General Comments

(I see that both Katherine A. Twardon and Rebecca A. Williams are good at copy and paste. Both of them sent me the same drivel. -author)

After rereading my letter I now know it's a little unclear especially since you didn't bother to read it, so let me reiterate:

The NRA has been a defender of the 2nd Amendment but only to the point at which it serves its own purpose. "Sensible" gun laws that the NRA has supported such as the "gun-free" school zone are prime examples. Gun laws are meant to hinder the law-abiding. Criminals don't pay attention to them, so effectively we have disarmed the teachers and staff and now any child with a grudge and obvious sociopathic problems can now come in and take on anyone they want.

Now it's CARA. The NRA is taking its time to look at one title of the CARA legislation and spinning it so everyone thinks it's OK. When we raise the point that most of the bill is designed to get the government money and rights to seize private property, the NRA says that that land could be future hunting grounds. Just look at all the problems we have in our National Parks now! I'm sure the government and the gun grabbers would just LOVE to allow hunting and fishing in an area that is now an 'endangered species' refuge.

Again, I protest the NRA support of this bill and I pose that the NRA, who is supposed to be helping people like myself gain a voice, start listening to us.

And no more form letter replies please. If I want to read drivel, I'll just go to the NRA homepage.

Ken Ross


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