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You Can't Have It!

From: "Jon Walser" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 11:26:09 -0800
To: <>
Cc: <>, <>
Subject: CPSC lawsuit against Daisy Manufacturing Co. to recall two models of Daisy air rifles

Just so you know, I have such an airgun. I use it to teach my children good gun handling and marksmanship. I have found it to be reliable and safe. Also a hell of a lot of fun!

You can't have it.

Let me repeat: YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!!!

As for the incidents where people have been injured, or killed, by using it in a grievously unsafe manner, that is by pointing it at another person and pulling the trigger; I have a response: "Duh!"

I also have a question: Since when has the Consumer Products Safety Commission been tasked with the responsibility of making the world safe for morons?

Jon K. Walser
906 W. 9th Ave
Columbus, OH 43212
614 564 3711

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