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Hate Mail from the Misinformed

The following message was sent to's Founder, Angel Shamaya, on the date listed in the message header below.  We left the typos in place -- it is unedited.  Below the letter is her full message header, for you technically savvy folks who'd like to assist her network administrator in addressing the following internet hatespeech.

If we believed Mrs. Porter was actually open to legitimate dialog, there is much we could say to assist her through her troubles.  Perhaps you may have more time and patience than we believe her verbal assault warrants...

From: "Andrea Porter" <>

Date sent:
Sat, 10 Nov 2001 01:39:25 +0000

The things you believe today are appaling. You NRA gun toting psycopathic wackos are probably the kind of people who hijack planes and ram them into the WTC. If you knew anything you would realize that guns are tearing this country apart. Did you know that 13 children a day are killed by guns. Thats like 4745 a year!! For a civilized country, thats bad. Japan has gun control and their murders are down to about none. Its time you wake up and smell the coffee, because you are living in the past. If you are afraid of someone breaking into your house put locks on your doors and get a big dog. What is wrong with banning dangerous guns like machineguns and assault weapons? I bet murders and school shootings would go down a lot. Who needs a machinegun to hunt deer? Thats what the second amendment is about. Your site should be shut down. This is 2001, you dont need guns to defend yourself. That is why we have a police force. The second amendment should be banned.

Full headers...

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From: "Andrea Porter" <>
Subject: Guns
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 01:39:25 +0000
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