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Mad Dad Gets Mad!

From: Richard Dimery <>
Organization: SQA
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 08:54:07 -0600
Subject: Armed Response - Necessary

It’s almost two months after the terrorist attacks, and has anyone seen reinforced cockpit doors? Air marshals? Pilots with stronger bladders? Everyday the Airlines ask the Customers to fly where all the peaceable citizens are guaranteed to be unarmed, where the bad guys’ only job is to gain the upper hand through force. And, oh yes, have you ever heard of BARE HANDS as a deadly weapon? The Airlines have blown through the BAILOUT MONEY, but has consumer confidence been assuaged?

Bush is wrong on this one. The Airlines are wrong. The gun control advocates are wrong. The terrorists’ ultimate target must be assumed to be the flight deck. I just read the BBC public feedback on arming pilots. The number one fear, it seems, is based on the fantasy that a bullet could cause a destructive decompression. This is followed by the two most frequently suggested “fixes”: ground security improvements, and sealed cockpits. Is it fair to passengers, pilot, or crew, that their only alternative is to “bet the farm" that NO ONE in the ground security chain ever be inattentive, negligible, incompetent, or worse? Must pilots give up the notion of relieving themselves? If faced with a forceful takeover, is it fair, or rational, that pilots must defend their plane barehanded or with a clumsy axe?

All the security measures being proposed, in lieu of arming pilots, will take finite time to be implemented. Political Correctness does not, or should not be allowed to, trump the commonsense reality that the Pilot is the LAST LINE OF DEFENSE of his cockpit, his command, and many lives. This is a deadly serious responsibility, and worthy of a lethal force response option.


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