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Off Duty and Retired Police Carry (HR 218)

From: "Ross, Ken" <>
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 10:01:42 -0500
Subject: Off duty and retired police carry

Just a couple comments from a law-abiding and responsible citizen.

As the article quotes: "Too often police officers come upon situations where they can prevent violent crimes and save lives but aren't able to defend themselves and protect those around them," Cunningham said. "Thousands of equipped, trained and certified officers will now be allowed to continually serve and protect our communities regardless of jurisdiction, and at no cost to taxpayers."

So why exactly are we so interested in the police's safety when millions of Americans such as myself would like to carry with the same intent as the bill in question? I live in NY which is a "shall issue" state. After doing much research I have found that the application of this law varies greatly from county to county. Here in Westchester, you need to PROVE you need a CCW. Personal protection and exercising your 2nd Amendment rights are not viable 'excuses' to carry. I need to prove that I am a business man that carries thousands of dollars in receipts or am a bodyguard, etc. While counties further North do not place restrictions on your license and you can carry the day you pick up your handgun. At this point, I can only get a CCW if I move to a better county, open my own business, or 'know somebody.' This is bureaucracy at its finest folks.

Once again this bill is giving the 'upper echelon's' of society (government types) preferential treatment over the citizens. That was not the origins of this country and things such as this are starting to get under my skin.

Secondly in the article: "The IACP also thinks allowing off-duty and retired police officers to carry concealed firearms would make it confusing for local officers in some cases, with potentially tragic results."

So the IACP is saying that anyone with a gun that is not in uniform is a target? That paints a beautiful image... Between the gun grabbers and the media, this country is now wearing a wicked set of blinders when it comes to firearms ownership. Any time I talk with a buddy of mine at work and mention going to the range, if someone that didn't know I shot hears and asks, "You own a gun?" I tell them yes, then they get really quiet and obviously uncomfortable around me. Numerous friends of mine get the SAME reaction all over the NY area. We have turned gun ownership into an evil and despicable thing. Why?

At least one group has it right: where cops support citizens carrying and vice versa. Can't we all just get along? I'd like to see retired cops carry. But even more so, I'd like to see myself carry. Ultimately, I am my only protector and I ask to have the tools to defend myself if need be. I hope I never need to use them, but as the Boy Scouts say, "Be prepared." Yes it would make me feel better knowing that there are retired and off duty police carrying to watch my back. But I'd like to watch my own first. Also, who's going to watch theirs? Couldn't I? Or would that just not be a politically advantageous idea to support?

Ken Ross

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