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Coincidence? I Think NOT!

From: "Angel Shamaya"
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 19:06:56 -0700

To the Editor

RE: Fear itself biggest threat from crash

November 13, 2001

-- 320 words --


I read with interest your "Our View" column regarding the airline crash in New York. You said, "all signs point to an apparent malfunction that might have occurred in any place at any time."

Considering all known factors surrounding the event, I find your statement to be rather sophomoric. Measure the following "coincidences":

1) The airplane that went down was an American Airlines jet -- an airline used against America on 9/11 and one that bears the name of our nation -- a juicy target for those who hate our country.

2) The airplane went down on Veteran's Day, a slap in the face of all Vets -- including those who are painting Afghanistan's desert floor with Taliban blood.

3) The airplane went down during the UN General Assembly meetings, in the same city where the meetings were taking place, as meetings were underway, in the same city where the largest attacks of 9/11 took place.

4) The engine separated from the plane, as did at least one major section of the airfoil structures (tail fin, recovered from the waters off of New York). Reports from multiple pilots -- including one who witnessed the crash and the engine's separation from the plane before the crash -- say they have NEVER known of mere engine failure to make engines AND tail fins fly off of airplanes.

5) The federal government said the crash was "an accident" -- "some sort of engine failure" -- long before they had the voice recorder or the flight data recorder (black box) in their possession -- curious and suspicious to a very high degree as it's highly unscientific and unprofessional. Yet Reuters reports that there was no apparent mechanical failure.

You'd be reporting the "Government and Media Cover-up to Allay Public Anxiety" -- if you weren't so busy being it.

The main difference between news and propaganda is the measure of fact and reason contained therein.

Angel Shamaya
Founder/Executive Director
1109 S. Plaza Way, #136
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
(928) 522-8833

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