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Packing Heat and the Bible

From: "Mark & Linette Laiminger" <>
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Subject: Packing heat and the Bible
Date sent: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 22:24:43 -0800

"When all those gun nuts and religious nuts from Spokane, Yakima and Moses Lake pile off those buses, we will win in Edmonds and Lynnwood for sure. ... If I had your typical Republican activist from Spokane or Vancouver showing up on my doorstep, that would be pretty scary. They're probably packing heat or the Bible." Quote from WA State Democratic Party Chairman Paul Berendt, found at  [A Newslinks reference, taken from Paul Berendt's remarks divisive]

Being a gun owner, a conservative and a faithful Catholic from Spokane, I wonder if Mr. Berendt still has his job, and, if he does, why? I know exactly what would happen if the chair of the state Republican Party had made similar comments about "fill in the blank with an insulting stereotype about Democratic Party constituents" - - you wouldn't rest until they were ridden out of the state on a rail.

Although I consider myself a Republican, I have voted for Democratic Party candidates in the past on the rare occasion when I felt they were better qualified for the position. So long as this individual holds any position of authority within your organization, I can guarantee you it will not happen in the future.

Very truly yours,

Mark Laiminger
Spokane, WA

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