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Man thwarts burglary by shooting out tires and holding crook for police

Originally ran here as:
"Man thwarts burglary, shoots at suspect"
by Brian Ballou
Detroit Free Press
February 9, 2000

ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN -- A Royal Oak man returning home Monday night thwarted a burglary at his house by firing his gun at the suspect's car, police said.

As the man drove up to his house on the 500 block of Chambers about 10:20 p.m., he noticed a car in his driveway and saw his dog running outside. The home owner then saw a man come out of his backyard and noticed his side door was open, police said.

After telling the suspect not to move, the home owner went inside, called police and retrieved a gun. While getting the gun, he noticed that another gun was missing, police said.

When he went back outside, the home owner saw a second man get into the car in the driveway. The first suspect had apparently run away.

As the suspect in the car tried to back out, the home owner shot at and hit the back tires. Police arrived at the house and arrested the suspect.

The other suspect was apprehended at a nearby motel and the stolen handgun was recovered, police said.

Both suspects are expected to be charged with home invasion. If convicted of the felony, they face 20 years in jail. The suspect who was arrested with the stolen gun also faces charges of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony and carrying a concealed weapon. Their names were withheld pending arraignment today in 44th District Court.

The Oakland County Prosecutor's Office may look into charges against the home owner for firing his gun, Chief Mel Johnson said Tuesday.

"I don't advise citizens to shoot at people, but the car was backing up and would have pinned him between two vehicles, so it appears to be a case of self-defense," he said.

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