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"Terrorists seriously wound Israeli in Samaria shooting"
The Jerusalem Post
December 24, 2001

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- Palestinian terrorists shot and wounded an Israeli motorist in Samaria a few minutes ago.

The Karnei Shomron resident sustained very serious chest wounds in the terrorists opened fire from close range.

He told medical personnel on the scene he managed to shoot and kill one of his three attackers.

Palestinian sources said Tanzim activist and al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades member Jamil Abu Adwan, 30, was killed in the incident, Israel Radio reported.

An armored Magen David Adom ambulance evacuated the casualty to Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera where he is undergoing surgery, Army Radio said.

The attack took place near the village of Ramin, located adjacent to Palestinian Authority-controlled Nablus.

The terrorists, who reportedly stole the wounded man's personal weapon, fled back into Ramin after the shooting.

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