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Clerk chases, fires at fleeing robber

Originally ran here as:
"Clerk chases, fires at fleeing robbers"
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
January 04, 2002

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- A North Little Rock police officer spotted a convenience store clerk firing at two men in masks after the two had just robbed the business Thursday afternoon.

Both men, one carrying a small safe, were arrested after fleeing from police and shedding some of their clothes while on the run.

The officer was driving by Main Street Shell, 1400 Main St., just after noon when he saw a man in a Halloween mask and a man in a ski mask running from the store.

Behind them was the clerk firing a gun in their direction, police said. The men ran for several blocks before officers captured them. One was caught behind a house on Poplar Street. A pair of shoes and a sweat shirt also were found nearby. It was unclear where the other suspect was caught.

The store clerk told police the two men walked into the store about 12:30 p.m., displayed guns and demanded money.

Corey Shepard, 19, 4319 Tall Timber Blvd., in Little Rock, and Brandon Jenkins, 18, 5211 E. Roosevelt Road in Little Rock, were charged with aggravated robbery. They remained in the Pulaski County jail Thursday night.

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