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Trader Outguns Six-Man Gang

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"Trader Outguns Six-Man Gang"
January 06, 2002

NAIROBI, AFRICA -- A businessman bravely fought off a six-man gang and shot two of them in Nairobi yesterday.

The early morning drama attracted a huge crowd of onlookers after Mr Mohammed M. Ali engaged the armed men in an exchange of fire in the Industrial Area.

Mr Ali, who is licensed to carry a gun, was injured in the shootout. He had been blocked by two vehicles with six armed men who were shooting at his Opel vehicle from the front and behind.

He was admitted to the Nairobi Hospital with gunshot wounds on the leg.

A witness, Ms Grace Nzoika, who was in one of the vehicles that was shot at by the gangsters, said she was coming from Thika Road to visit a friend in Nairobi when the vehicle she was in was shot at twice.

A shocked Ms Nzoika and her two-year-old son master Antony had to duck under the seat to avoid the bullets.

"I saw three men, one holding a pistol, shooting at another man who was alone in a grey car. The other man returned fire and the gang ran away, carjacked another vehicle and sped off. Our vehicle received two bullet holes and had its front tyre punctured," she said.

A brother to the businessman, Mr Mohammed Abdi Ali, said he was called on this mobile phone and told Mr Ali had been injured in a shootout.

"I dashed to the scene and was informed by the police that my brother had been wounded on the leg . He was rushed to hospital."

Mr Abdi Ali wondered why they had trailed his brother who did not have any money on him and nothing was stolen from him.

According to Mr Onzere Sagala, the Deputy Officer Commanding the Embakasi divisional police boss, the businessman noticed that he was being trailed by two vehicles as the approached the Lusaka road near the City Stadium.

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