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Terrorism and the Second Amendment

From: "bill whaley" <>
Subject: terrorism and the 2nd amendment
To: njletter <>

Good Morning,

A sleepy American society got a wake up call Tuesday morning. A few thugs with a dozen or so boxknives were able to systematically murder thousands of United States citizens. People everywhere are asking where do we turn from here. Let me suggest the Constitution on which our country was founded. Particularly Amendment number two of the Bill of Rights. It was written because the government cannot protect you nor is it the responsibility of government or the police for that matter. These entities can only respond after the fact and like it or not, only you can protect yourself. Not only is it your responsibility but you have a constitutional right to do so.

Imagine for a moment that we only voted for politicians who adhered to the Constitution and there were no laws forbidding law abiding Americans from protecting themselves with a firearm. Remember, the Second Amendment does not read "unless you're on an airplane" (or school or government building or...). Could it be that one or more American citizens, exercising their constitutional right to bear arms, could have and would have stopped this senseless tragedy?

These unconstitutional gun laws are allowing criminals and terrorists to rein supreme over our people who are supposed to be free. Contrary to the talking heads on TV, it is not our freedom that makes us vulnerable but the encroachment of the government on our liberties that make us so. The antigun fanatics are forcing us to fill our airplanes with defenseless people at the total mercy of those who seek to destroy us. If you were on one of those planes, what would you have paid for a 38 Colt? How about a vote - against a Sen. Schumer or Sen. Clinton? This terrorist attack proves that the most dangerous people among us do not have to abide by the absurd gun laws and that they don't need much of a weapon to inflict catastrophic damage.

I know many of you don't like guns, some of you are afraid of them and some of you absolute hate them. But the fact remains that without one, wherever you are, you are defenseless. If you choose not to have one that's fine. But if fate should land you in one of these situations, someone with a concealed carry may save your life.

My heart aches for those defenseless people who died and for their surviving families. Yes, I pray for them but certainly not on government property or near a school - I could get arrested.

WD Whaley,
Laurel, DE

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