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A History Lesson For Andrea

From: "Bill Potts" <>
To: <>
Copies to: <>
Subject: FYI
Date sent: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 12:28:08 -0600

Dear Andrea,

You wrote: "The things you believe today are appalling." I believe that to be true. You appear to be very naive, so I assume you are either very young or don't know how to read. First, it was non-gun toting whackos who crashed into WTC because there were no gun-toting NRA riders aboard. The second amendment is not about hunting at all. Have you had civics classes yet? Had any American History? The second amendment is about giving the people the means to resist tyrannical government. Would you like me to send you case numbers proving that the police are, by law, not obliged
to protect anyone? Do you understand that in cities where guns are outlawed, like Washington DC, more people are assaulted and murdered than in cities, like Kennesaw, GA where guns are required? Can you understand that when there were no gun laws at all, prior to 1913, when children were allowed to own and freely shoot guns, not a single child had ever been shot at school? Can you understand that there are evil people who want to take all your God given rights away from you and the only reason you have any rights now is because you still have the right and, for now, the ability to resist
tyranny through armed resistance?

Once they have our guns, your pathetic cries: "Please don't take my mommy and daddy out in the street and kill them," will not be of much help. And, if you have such confidence in your big dog, why not put your address on the internet? Maybe something like, "The Porter Family, whose home is at 123 Victim Street, is proudly unarmed and cannot resist an intruder, but will gladly call 911 if you break and enter our home and are caught in the act of slaughtering our kids."

Lastly, maybe a couple of mp3 files can help you get it through your dim little mind, that guns are your only hope of protection. Listen to them and please, feel free to reply to me with any comments.

Very tired,
Bill Potts

[MP3 files omitted here; they can be heard at -ed]

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