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Conflict of Interest

From: "Chris Brose" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 11:22:45 -0600
To: <>
Subject: Wisconson concealed carry proposal coverage

This letter to the editor submission was made through the website, therefore no header.

I was happy to read what for the most part was a well balanced story about the proposed concealed carry law. In that story, it was reasonable to include input from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. But then, you included some information they got from the Violence Policy Center report supporting their view.

I have a problem with someone quoting someone else, and then the quote being reported as news without the original information ever being checked.

Beyond that, the problem here is that the Brady Campaign and VPR are two like minded anti-gun organizations. The fact that it's self serving doesn't necessarily make the report untrue, but it does become necessary to check it out more. If the NRA used a report from Gun Owners of America to support a position, I'd bet a paycheck that it would be either not used in a story or investigated further.

Chris Brose

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