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Date: 15 Nov 2001 13:16:37 MST
Cc: Liberty Letters <

It is now nine weeks since the attack, and the airlines have shown the flying public little that inspires confidence. Given considerable incentive to manage their business to better safeguard people and assets, and shore up consumer confidence, the airlines have failed to do that.

Business has never prospered by waiting for government innovation or government-imposed solutions. Does airline management really need to be told by bureaucrats that security needs to be improved? While waiting for new regulations, airlines have taken, ostensibly, half measures and indulged in nonproductive rhetoric and the illusion of improved security. Their business, and passengers' satisfaction has declined while they took half-measures, introduced delays, failed to positively control access of uncleared service personnel and freight, and failed to address defense of the aircraft and passengers should all other security measures fail.

Proactive, commonsense measures that airline management can immediately implement include positive screening of service and contract workers, bomb sniffing dogs, limitations on carryon luggage, allow every pilot trained in the use of firearms the option of carrying a side arm, allow or encourage law enforcement officials to fly armed. Security personnel for banks, sporting events, office and factory buildings and many others are armed - why do airlines opt to NOT protect people and property this way? Survival on an aircraft, more than other situations, may depend on maintaining or reestablishing command most expeditiously. Any airline policy that requires the crew to be unarmed or UNDER armed is counterproductive to the avowed management goals of preserving lives and airline property.

It is time for airline management to implement measures that work. Then, instead of waiting for government to act, DEMAND that FAA regs be made to accommodate commonsense business decisions and our Constitutional rights to (defend) our lives and property!

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