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Violent Toy Soldiers

From: "Angel Shamaya" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 22:18:47 -0700
Cc:, "Chuck Muth" <>

North Carolina Division of Child Development
Attention: Peggy Ball

Victoria Rouch, Wilmington Star
Chuck Muth, GOP News & Views

Violent Plastic Toy Soldiers

November 28, 2001

Dear Mrs. Ball,

I read about your giving low ratings to a school for having violence-begetting toy soldiers in the playroom.

Last week when I was out in my playroom, I practiced hitting 6 different targets in 3 seconds with my .45 caliber pistol loaded with high-capacity magazines. Then I played around with putting a .30 caliber hole in a soda pop can at 300 yards.

Sure was fun.

I hope I never have to use my skills in a self-defense situation, but it's nice knowing I am prepared in case I have to.

Your "Environmental Rating System" sounds like it was designed by people who want to take our future men and turn them into future girls. Too bad the people at the school haven't told you to talk a long walk off of a short pier, environmental impact notwithstanding.

Have a nice day.

Angel Shamaya
Founder/Executive Director
Co-Founder, Operation Self Defense
(928) 522-8833

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