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Suspicions Confirmed

Date sent: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 12:53:43 -0800
From: Bob <>
Subject: Suspicions confirmed

I have recently read a report indicating the threat to civil liberties as practiced and managed by the sheriff of Marin County.

It is clear that equal protection under the law is a concept that is either unfamiliar to your sheriff or blatantly ignored as a duty of that office.

Information suggests that the California Penal Code, Section 12050-12054 relating to concealed carry of handguns is being administered unfairly and periodically to the general public. Information collected and presented by your office under the State version of the Freedom of Information Act clearly shows a propensity to grant CCW permits to County employees over average citizens by a margin of 3 to 1. This is clearly a violation of the law and must be corrected at the earliest opportunity.

It is not surprising however that Marin County is at least in the same general state of deniability of citizens rights as many other counties in our state. Little wonder many in the media like to refer to us as the LEFT COAST and even sadder as the Republik of Kalifornia.

It is my belief that your office should be investigated by a Federal Grand Jury to determine the true extent of these injustices. Clearly it has been determined our forefathers determined a person to have a right to life. When that right is clearly put in danger through a denial of a person to carry a legal and effective means to protect their life, citizens have a duty to protest to protect those constitutionally guaranteed rights. The Constitutional limits on the authority of government must be respected and shall not be open to arbitrary interpretation by your sheriff or any other government employee or entity. You seem to making a mockery of the very statutes you have sworn to uphold and to your oath of office.

Strange how we allow weapons to be carried by guards to protect somebody's money but not to protect their own life -- not to be carried except when on duty. I find this to be worse than ludicrous, it is an insult to the people of our state.

Hoping the courts will help you clean up your act.

Bob Staker
Antioch California
Contra Costa County, another bastion of socialism.

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