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High-Powered Air Rifle?

Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 08:27:15 EST
Subject: "high-powered pellet gun"

Mr. Hall,

While reading the article, "Teacher hit by shots from high powered pellet gun", written by you and Mr. Weaver, I noticed a couple of incongruities which seemed to contradict my personal knowledge of firearms (both pellet and powder-charged). Most pellet guns have the capability of easily breaking the skin and causing even more severe damage than that. With that said, however, it is difficult to believe the blow "knocked her down" and "neither shot penetrated her skin", considering the emphasis on "high-powered weapon" used throughout your article.

I note the incongruity not to defend the perpetrators nor the deed, but to ask if perhaps there is not something more at work in your writer's "high powered" hype describing the weapon(s) used.

"Most reporters are very sympathetic to gun-control agendas and will skew or lie outright about facts to promote them." -- Dennis Cauchon, "USA Today".

I sincerely hope Mr. Cauchon's quote does not apply to you or Mr. Weaver, but hope you can appreciate my concern.

Lee McGee
Jeanerette, Louisiana

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