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A.G. Ashcroft

From: "Trisha Neimi" <>
Copies to: "Angel Shamaya" <>
Subject: Re: Atty Gen Ashcroft
Date sent: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 12:20:35 -0700

Mr. Crouch?

Doubtless by now you've received a torrent of replies about your article, but I wanted to add my thoughts, nonetheless.

Defending a limited government to any degree, even in such times as this is an appropriate, historically accurate and personally responsible mindset for a civil servant. Though sweeping investigatory powers have been initiated, many of which are derived from other times of National Emergency, compiling a database of firearms owners is unnecessary - it would open a Pandora's Box of temptation for abuse.

You deem such is pandering to the gun-rights interests. I would say, instead, that Mr. Ashcroft is standing defensible ground - soil as holy as any battlefield, won through courage across this Republic's history.

To put that statement into perspective, I would forward the inherent value, decency, and responsibility of ordinary men and women as an irrefutable and unstoppable motivator that actualizes the America that has endured; one that reaches forward to deliver this Nation intact and vibrant to our inheritors; the "Grand Experiment," a Nation unlike any other in human history.

WE, as clearly today as at any time in our history must cherish and commit to our hearts the power of those documents crafted by firm hands, written with quill pens and bold minds, for such words as are known around the world have a power undimmed; and none question what is referred to when "We, the People," and "When, in the course of human events," are spoken. ( ( Indeed, we are in a war; our first war waged on our soil by shadowy powers.

What better time to embrace the worthy strength and self-determination found in our declared natural rights - rights that supercede any and every manipulation or interpretation, known beyond any politics or boundary? This specific unique right, so eloquently re-discovered (in part) by the recent "Emerson" decision ( places American self-determination completely in the hands of every free man and woman in asserting that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed - for we, each and every one of us, are the militia, guardians of our lives, our homes, our communities, and ultimately we are the backbone that confidently stands erect against any and all threats, foreign or domestic.

That, Mr. Crouch, is assuredly NOT just some PAC propaganda - and it is indeed worthy of any and all protection, for without it, there is no Republic whatsoever.

If we believe in the Government to act with decency and responsibility in this time of crisis, our combined voices will remind everyone on the Beltway that they are our servants - not our masters.

Perhaps your editorial voice would be better served if you sought support for a mandatory ten-year sunset, sequentially, to every deed and act performed under this cloak of secrecy that has been put into place (as covered by the "Patriot Act," and Presidential order) so that all involved will know that they will be held completely accountable within a reasonable time frame, with uncensored exposure and review available to one and all?

If we work together, we can re-illuminate the power and worth of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to all we meet, teaching coherent American history, keeping the light of Liberty pure and intense and true.

It's not easy, or warm and cuddly, and it's never been free - but our love of Liberty is what makes us Americans. Let's focus on that!

Trisha Neimi

--- Trisha Neimi

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