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Handgun Under the Tree

From: "Ross, Ken" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 17:18:00 -0500
Subject: Handgun Under the Tree

Ms. Thoman,

In regards to your groups newswire posting:

I pose to you one question, "Are you interested in a gun-free society?"

When you can take the firearms away from the criminals, they will pick up knives next. You take away the knives, they'll pick up clubs and so on... All the while, you are passing "sensible gun control" laws which will only affect the lawful citizen. Thereby disarming the general public and creating a "target rich" area for crime.

If you are so interested in keeping everyone safe from guns, do you have a "gun free home" sign on your front lawn?

Now, on to your argument.

Teddy bears are regulated at the product level because you give them to children. Children chew things, hence the choking test. Last time I checked, responsible parents don't hand firearms over to children whose first response will be to put the thing in their mouth.

Trigger locks? Why don't the police and other law agencies want internal locking devices on their firearms? Because they fail. In the split second moment you need to use your firearm, Murphy's Law predicts it will fail. Why are they no good for the people you choose to protect you and yet they ARE good for the people that choose to protect themselves and their families? Oh and by the way, the police have no obligation to protect you (

Chamber load indicators? Something else that will by nature fail and then give opportunists such as yourself to sue because of genuine product failure. The first rule of firearms; A firearm is ALWAYS loaded until you have physically inspected it in the appropriately safe manner for the type of firearm in question.

Where do you get your stats from? 32,436 deaths in '97? What age range? I can show you that in '97 there were only 10,729 firearm related homicides.

Here's a good one: How many safety regulations do we have on doctors? The National Academy of Sciences estimates 98,000 deaths per year due to malpractice, prescription errors and other medical mistakes. Someone else thinks the good doctors should be regulated:

How about we put locks on medical bags and syringe load indicators? Okay, I'm being sarcastic...

If you don't want a firearm in the house, don't get one. Oh, and not that you would know anything about getting one. In most states, in order to get one you have to go through training and registration to tiresome degrees just to get a permit. You would be breaking the law to just hand one over to someone as a gift.

Ken Ross

Molon Labe

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