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Subject: [Women_to_Arms] Response to action alert
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 15:24:20 -0800
From: "F.M.Sielaff" <>
Organization: Truth Resources -
To: WTA <>
CC: Gun Owners of America <>,Friendly Patriotic Exchange <>

[While surfing the net I happened upon "Working for Change". I believe that other pro 2nd amendment folks would feel the same as I regarding an alert posted at I took advantage of contacting them from their site to "voice my opinion", and I thought you might like to read what I briefly stated (based on excerpts of their action letter).-author]

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Subject: Respond to article, column, other content
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 13:06:00 -0800
From: "" <>
Comments: To "Working For Change",

I read the following "Act for Change" alert at your web site, and I felt the need to comment.

"Strengthen Federal Firearms Laws to Help Fight Terrorism"

While many measures are needed to prevent and deter terrorist activities, Congress must not ignore our federal firearm laws. We know that terrorists have exploited loopholes in our nation's gun laws, including the sale of firearms by unlicensed sellers at gun shows, to amass their deadly arsenals. Our national security needs demand that the easy and legal transfer of firearms to terrorists and other criminals must stop.

Congress should pass legislation requiring a background check every time a firearm is sold -- whether at licensed gun stores, gun shows, flea markets or through classified advertisements. Additionally, our nation should ensure that law
enforcement officials retain records on all gun purchases and require additional safeguards -- such as having two forms of identification, including one proving residency -- from potential gun buyers." ...

While I stand in support for (some) other actions that you've requested assistance with, I find this request for support to be nothing less than a hand of support for gun control proponents here in the USA.

Have you forgotten?
The weapon(s) utilized to attack the WTC and Pentagon on 9/11/2001 by terrorists were planes.

Have you forgotten?
The weapons utilized by the terrorists to overtake the crew and the passengers onboard were box cutters.

Have you forgotten?
The terrorists had IDs that were proven to be fake.

Have you forgotten?
Only law abiding citizens abide by the laws.

Respectfully Submitted!

Flo Maureen Sielaff

Keep informed, armed and aimed! It's a matter of survival!

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