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Jeep Marketing Genius

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Angel Shamaya
Founder/Executive Director
aka. Lost potential customer in America
1109 S. Plaza Way, Box 136
Flagstaff, Arizona, USA 86001
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Your Jeep Marketing Genius

January 9, 2002

Dear DaimlerChrysler,

I wrote to investor relations, of all places, to tell you that GMC/Chevy just ruined an 11-year loyalty I held firmly for them -- they will not win it back, either.

And until I saw your ridiculous anti-hunting advertisement showing people using Jeeps to transport deer and let them go in "no hunting" zones, I was eyeing Jeep as my next long-term automotive provider. I already test-drove one, in fact, and I'll be calling my could-have-been sales rep to explain how you lost his sale.

Do any of your touchy feely marketing geniuses realize how many deer die of starvation in America due to under-culling of the herds? Once upon a time, wolves, coyotes, big cats and bear took care of the excess, but those aren't around in sufficient numbers to do the job anymore. (The only exception is where wolves have been reintroduced by EnvironMental Cases -- like the people who designed your absurd ad -- and the wolves are killing the young moose, caribou and unequivocally creating alarming decline in the were-returning herds. Enviro-ninnies would rather a young moose get attacked and killed by a pack of wolves than have it live a nice life and then be eaten by a family of people who tend to the Earth, I suppose. If we were all so enlightened...)

Do you folks have a problem with meat going into a freezer rather than being eaten by maggots out in some field?

Those ads need to exit the American airwaves yesterday. I look forward to assuring that thousands more Real Americans find out about your hostility toward the natural alignment between man and animal borne through the ancient tradition of hunting.

Most sincerely, and do have a very nice day,

Angel Shamaya

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