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"Our View"

From: "Ross, Ken" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 09:49:59 -0500
Subject: Our View


Pardon me for asking, but who's view is it?

In the opinion article: In Search of Sensibility on Gun Laws -

Whomever makes this opinion, should post their name. If it's the Oak Ridger's opinion, that's even worse.

Let's see. "Or separating your basic law-abiding gun owner from those who believe they hold an unfettered right to brandish about any kind of weapon anywhere they might please." Hard to believe, but most law abiding gun owners believe they have the right to self defense and to carry whatever means they deem necessary to protect themselves. The word "brandish" doesn't come into the picture. You're painting a bad picture of gun owners on purpose.

Second, "Alcohol and carrying concealed weapons into establishments where alcohol is served is another." This would assume that someone carrying a weapon and walking into a restaurant that serves alcohol is going to drink and they are therefore a risk. That's targeting gun owners again. The same statement can be made for drivers walking into the same establishment. It's a matter of choice. A simple common sense choice which you have assumed the poorer choice will be made.

Third. "How soon do some forget the senseless carnage on school grounds across the country?" The school shootings you mention, I assume you mean Columbine and Wakefield, there were numerous laws that were broken when those tragedies happened. How is a gun free school going to stop someone from coming in with the intent to commit murder? Murder is illegal last time I checked. So if someone wants to commit murder, are they going to say, "Oh, well I shouldn't take this gun there because it's a gun free zone?" All gun free schools or gun free zones accomplish is victim disarmament or in other words a free lunch for a criminal since there is no way for anyone to defend themselves.

A favorite line of mine, "Be sure brain is in gear before engaging mouth." Obviously nobody knows that one as shown by this "opinion" you posted.

Ken Ross

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