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Thanks to the Licking Co. Sheriff's Office

From: "Danny Sheets" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 21:47:34 -0500
To: <>
Subject: The Advocate Letters

The Advocate Letters


To Sheriff Gerry Billy and the Licking County Sheriff's Office:

On Nov. 27, I confronted two individuals who were in the act of burglarizing our home. I managed to arm myself with a rifle, record their license number and contact the 911 operator while the would-be thieves were ransacking our bedroom.

Upon seeing me and my rifle, the dubious duo made a rather rapid and empty-handed exit through a bedroom window and made their temporary get away.

This letter is to express the appreciation and thanks of my wife and myself for the rapid response, professionalism, courtesy and understanding of the deputies and detectives involved.

Your department has been most helpful, informative and reassuring to us since this incident, and we wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank all those involved at the sheriff's office for their successful effort in apprehending these two inept, would-be thieves.

Too often we, as citizens, take our law enforcement officers for granted. We forget that Licking County encompasses a very large area with a very large and growing population. With the limited manpower available, the Licking County Sheriff's Office is doing a wonderful job for us.

Your people perform a service that few of us are capable of or even willing to do. They are, therefore, special people deserving of our respect, gratitude and support.

Thank you.

Arthur V. Clary
Newark, OH

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