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NRA Should Join Our Petition

From: "Vincent Beall" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 17:30:03 -0800
To: <>
Cc: <>

Dear Mr.Baker,

I live in Oklahoma, hunt rabbits, am licensed to carry, am a NRA member, and a gun rights activist. I'm e-mailing to ask you to address a situation that I find intolerable. A Petition for Enforcement Of The Second Amendment is at and has been circulated throughout the country and reportedly has some 12,000 signatures on it.

Why has my NRA not picked up this Petition and helped get signatures on it? This Petition is well written and doable. If NRA would include this Petition in our magazines, with 1 signature sheet, asking members to sign and get 4 of their nonmember friends to sign, 4.2 million times 5 equals about 20 million signatures.

Would AG Ashcroft ignore 20 million of us? Maybe. But at least you could say we tried. Are we becoming a politically correct organization? With thousands of new gun buyers, enrollment in gun classes up, wacko anti-freedom organizations laying off staff, it's time to be more aggressive, not to be nice.

We are the mighty NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, and I think it is time for my NRA leaders to by God start acting like it again. Please don't tell me NRA has decided to remain neutral on this matter. ''Neutral'' on the Second Amendment? Please take this letter under consideration, Mr. Baker. NRA should do everything we can to defend the 2nd Amendment.


Vincent W.Beall

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