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Home Invader Stopped Cold

Originally ran here as:
"Home Invader Stopped Cold"
WHNT Channel 19
March 19, 2002

LIMESTONE COUNTY, ALABAMA -- Plenty of raw emotion Friday night after a bizarre home invasion. It happened about seven o'clock on Menefee Road not far from the East Limestone High School.

Homeowner Travis Harbin shot the man trying to break into his house with a sledgehammer. Harbin wasn't hurt... but he is on crutches and has been for some time. According to the Limestone County Sheriff's Department, the suspect didn't fare as well. He was airlifted to Huntsville Hospital after being shot in the groin.

Limestone County investigators are still trying to hash-out the details of this case... Including the motive behind the break-in.

Family members of both men arrived on scene quickly, each of them trying to figure out exactly what happened. The Harbin family tells Newschannel 19 the two men knew each other... but wouldn't elaborate on their relationship.

At this point, the Limestone County Sheriff's Department has not charged homeowner Travis Harbin with a crime. Meanwhile no word yet, on the condition of the suspect... who most likely will face criminal charges.

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