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One-shot granny kills intruder

Originally ran here as:
"One-shot gran kills intruder"
by Lieze du Preez, Staff Writer
News 24
April 05, 2002

Potchefstroom, South Africa -- A youth, armed with a catty and a bread knife, was shot dead near Boons in Northwest by a grandmother who surprised him at a farmstead.

The boy, who is only known as Sello of a settlement near Derby, appears to have gained entrance to the house on Wednesday afternoon about 17:00 on Elandsfontein farm.

Captain David Serepa of Marico police said Elizabeth le Roux (44) fetched her 9mm pistol after her daughter, Rina van den Berg (24), warned her of an intruder in her home.

Serepa said Le Roux was surprised in the house by an unknown youth who suddenly appeared from one of the bedrooms. He was armed with a catty and a bread knife.

"Le Roux appears to have fired a single shot at the burglar. He was wounded in the right shoulder and died in the house," said Serepa.

The two women were apparently alone on the farm at the time.

Serepa said the youth's family had not been traced. The case was under investigation and would be referred to the state prosecutor for a final decision.

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