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Self-defense cited in shooting death

Originally ran here as:
"Self-defense suspected in death"
by Enrique Heredero, Staff Writer
April 07, 2002

MIMS, FLORIDA -- Brevard County sheriff's investigators say an Orlando camper may have shot a Mims man to death late Saturday out of self defense.

But the deceased man's family has its doubts.

Deputies say Jimmy Lee Clark, 47, of Pace Landing was shot about 9:40 p.m. Saturday by Sean Ingrassellino, 30, during a confrontation at Hatbill Park off State Road 46 near the St. Johns River.

According to deputies, Clark was on an airboat near the campsite Ingrasselino had set up with his wife, sister, brother-in-law and four children when Clark began shouting at the family, accusing them of shining a light on him.

Witnesses said Clark then began screaming obscenities at the family. He got out of the airboat and approached them with his hand behind his back, Sheriff's Agent Allie Roberts said.

Ingrassellino's family members told investigators Clark continued to move toward them as they pleaded for him to go away. Ingrasselino then retrieved a 30-30 rifle from a tent and fired once at the man, hitting him in the forehead.

Roberts said a revolver was found in Clark's possession.

"The holster was on the airboat and the gun was underneath his body," Roberts said. "We believe the gun was in his waistband and he was pulling it out when he was shot."

"Judging by all the eyewitnesses we've spoken to so far, everything is leaning toward self-defense. But that would have to be decided by the State Attorney's Office," Roberts said.

Roberts said there were witnesses other than the Ingrassellino family.

But Clark's wife, Lori, said one of their sons arrived on the scene after the shooting and said he saw deputies pull a holstered pistol out of her husband's back pocket.

"He was a good, honest family man and a good friend," she said of her husband.

The Ingrassellinos could not be reached for comment.

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