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Copyright 2004 by Robert I. Wall

March 1, 2004

So now we are told to advise our erstwhile Republican friends that if they don’t vote “our way,” which of course is the way of the Constitution (you know, that quaint document nowadays commonly mistaken for toilet paper), that we’ll “stay home” on Election Day.

The implication, of course, is that by so doing we will put their careers as double-dealers in jeopardy, which no one can argue is not a worthy goal. But if we are willing to do just that to our enemies and the enemies of our country, should we not go further? If we are willing to see them defeated by our inaction, why not defeat them, by our action?

The one thing we can count on, if we countenance their proposed treachery, is more treachery. In spades and up and down and in and out the gazoo. Face it; for all politicians it’s the old adage that, “Nothing succeeds like success.” And if they do succeed without our support, Bend Over America, because Here It Comes Again. And Again. AND AGAIN.

The solution is simple. As I told Senator George Allen’s receptionist today (2/25/04) when I called, “Screw me and my rights and I’ll screw George Allen, by voting for his Democrat opponent.” Just imagine their reaction if the entire, organized, gun-owning community as a group made this threat! It would take away their collective breath! Visions of sugar plum fairies, and the loss of their slim Senate lead, would dance in their heads. Perhaps they would also recall the words of the late Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen, who said, “When I feel the heat I see the light.”

Am I proposing we all become Democrats? Absolutely not (although candidates of any party who support the Constitution in its entirety, are of course worthy of our support). Is this a stupid threat? What’s the difference; if they don’t heed it, what good are they, or most of the candidates and office holders of the “mainstream” parties to us or our country? Answer in two short words: No good.

Is it too much to ask our vaunted leaders to do the right and “modest” thing of... supporting their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution? I think not. If they won’t meet this minimal requirement, do they deserve our support? I think not. If they refuse any of the above, is there any reason to offer even the slightest support. Absolutely not.

I repeat, if we withdraw our support, we are implicitly threatening them with the loss of power. If we are willing to accept that, but merely by depending on what other voters may do, should we not be a part of the fray, and insure that loss of power? If so, what can happen?

First of all, the point has been made by others, strange as it may seem, that we were “safer” during the Clinton administration, insofar as we had an opposition which opposed some of the more drastic measures he proposed (not that our Republican friends didn’t give us ample proof of their perfidy, as in the abomination known as Lautenberg, by way of just one example). So divided government can work... as long as the government is divided between both parties. Once either one is in complete control, they each appear united in doing in our rights to meet the requirements of that most important and informed of all groups (your guessed it!)... the soccer moms!

Second, we would thereby attempt to force the remaining politicians and party to stand for principle, even though currently it is difficult to find a single principle beyond bigger government and more spending aka vote buying. Face it—most of our politicians are just a few paces in front of the mob. Very few, if any, have principles and if they do, they keep them hidden. The only “calculus” I see from too many of them, is “Get elected, and re-elected, and do it by any means.”

Third, if we stand aside and they still manage to squeak by, it’s bye-bye to the Second Amendment. We will have proven ourselves to be an empty threat, deserving of the secret contempt they have reserved for us gun-owning “yahoos.” The doctors and lawyers and business people amongst us, they discount as some sort of freaks or aberrations. The hardworking Joes amongst us they discount as ignoramuses and the peasantry, forgetting it was just such people, combined, who brought the British Empire to its knees.

Fourth, if it becomes necessary to destroy them at the polls, i.e. if they continue to ignore us, then they will be forced to deal with us in the wreckage of the aftermath, just as Bill Clinton was. However, it would appear Republicans have forgotten that gun control cost Clinton control of the Congress. Unless of course they really believe what they now prefer to whisper about us, the gun owning patriots of this country, in private, to wit: “Where        Else       Will        They        Go?”

Mark Twain once remarked that, “A cat that sits on a hot stove won’t sit on a hot stove again... or a cold one.” Of course, there won’t be too many “cool” cats left if we throw them out. But there will also be plenty of room, and opportunity, for Constitutionalist TIGERS to replace that forsaken detritus currently masquerading as statesmen and protectors of our rights (including those rights under Scottish Law).

Fifth, to those who say we are helping the Democrats, our threat to withhold our support is doing just that anyway. (And, by the way, what’s the difference?) What we really would be doing is helping ourselves to force gutless, lying politicians of both parties to “do the right thing” or ultimately, to face retribution at the polls. Once again, that “right thing” is as simple as it is straightforward: Support and protect and defend the Constitution.

If the Democrats do get in, the fault can be laid solely at the feet of Republican double-dealers, WHO HAVE FAILED TO MEET OUR REQUIREMENT, YES, OUR REQUIREMENT, THAT THEY CARRY OUT THEIR OATHS OF OFFICE TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION. And if the Democrats attempt to rape the Constitution, as they also are wont to do, suffice it to say we can do the very same thing to them, something, shall we say, of which subsequently they will be keenly aware. Regardless, absent Republican support for the Constitution and the rule of law, it will be clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can expect no succor from them. They should therefore expect no succor from us; they should however, expect the “eternal hostility” enunciated by Thomas Jefferson.

Sixth, perhaps we will hopefully watch the Republicans thereafter scurry. Hopefully watch them change their tune. Hopefully watch them (can it be possible?) take a stand. There is no question that right now they are wavering. But wavering (and feigned humility) isn’t enough, especially for the day after Election Day, and later, when those six-year senate terms begin. The two choices (there are no more) that we must give them, YES, GIVE THEM, are: Change now or change later, after you have been kicked out of office, after you have lost your power, after you have lost your perks, after you have lost your fat paychecks (but not the bloated pensions) you have voted yourselves, after WE have prostrated you and your party.

But yet, suppose it doesn’t work. Suppose the Republicans take power once again, and once again proceed to subvert and shred the Constitution. Have we really lost ANYTHING? Is this what we wish to subsidize and promote and preserve for our children and grandchildren? Isn’t it truly time for us to get out, even if it means waiting for the right party or man or both, to come along and who will also be attracted to our numbers and our refusal to no longer be the goat? And won’t we thereby attract the others of our increasingly disaffected citizenry? Or do we grovel and beg for a bone by which to defend our beloved Constitution, say a muzzle loader capable of three shots a minute, if you’re “really good?” And if “they” allow it.

Folks, it’s sink or swim time. If they don’t support the Constitution, both parties must be abandoned by us. At the same time, we have no choice but to inflict the maximum, yes maximum damage and punishment upon those who are in office, who pose as our friends and who, right now, are getting ready to sell us out... by routing them from office. It’s time to teach both parties, if necessary by making an example of the Republicans, that we the people are indeed sovereign, AND NOW, WILL ACT THE SOVEREIGN. We will dismiss, and continue to dismiss from office the incompetent, the subversive and the traitor, up to and only until we get the competent, the faithful and the loyal.

Otherwise, it’s BOHICA time from them both.

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