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Million Misinformed Rapeable Mothers

Peaceable, lawful gun owners support the rights of women to choose to be RAPEable.

We RESENT the fact that a bunch of Misinformed Media-swindled Mothers lead our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and daughters to be RAPEable--and this is the result of their aims expressed on their web site.

Without a gun, a woman confronted with a knife-wielding man who intends to rape her is likely to have one choice:  SUBMIT, and if she lives, be psychologically traumatized.  And remember this, Mothers: if you are dead, where is your child left now?

You Million Misinformed Rapeable Mothers should be ASHAMED of yourselves for forcing your ignorant and short-sighted agenda on women who are not so gullible.

The "13 children a day die from guns" LIE was refuted a LONG time ago.  You are playing into the hands of LIARS whose political agendas leave women rapeable by reducing and then eliminating their access to the means of protecting themselves and their children.

Find a solution for protecting the FEW children harmed each year by misuse of firearms that does not infringe on the right to self-defense of millions of lawful, peaceable citizens and their loved ones.  Please!

Thank You for taking the time to turn out in support of “sensible gun laws”

We here at

Rapists for Gun Control

Fully support the effort of the Million Misinformed Mothers to Disarm the naive American Public and make the night safer for our members.

Many of our members are legally killed each year with firearms by women exercising their constitutional right to self protection.

We here at

Rapists for Gun Control

welcome your help in ending these tragedies by helping to leave women defenseless.


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