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Carjacker Picks Wrong Guy
By Doug Payne, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Originally published 3/28/2000,

A shooting Monday evening in a Dunwoody shopping plaza parking lot is apparently a case of an intended carjacking victim getting the drop on his attacker, DeKalb County police said.

The would-be carjacker "chose the wrong guy," police told one shopper moments after gunfire erupted in the Perimeter Village shopping plaza parking lot on Ashford Dunwoody Road, about a mile north of Perimeter Mall.

Police learned of the shooting from the shooter himself, said police Sgt. Lisa Reese. At 6:15 p.m., he called DeKalb 911 and said his Ford Taurus was being carjacked but that he had shot the suspect, Reese said. Investigators have found no other witnesses to the shooting, she said.

The man who was injured was able to tell paramedics only that he had been shot, Reese said. He was not carrying any identification and investigators do not know who he is, she said. Shot in the neck, he was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

The man who said he was the shooter was taken to police headquarters for questioning. His identity was not released, and he was allowed to return home, with no charges pending or expected, after talking to detectives for about three hours, Reese said.

Two guns were found at the scene--one in the Taurus and one on the ground behind the car.

Ed Miller of Decatur was shopping at the Perimeter Village and returned to his car moments after the shooting. He said he asked police what had happened and was told, "We think it was a robbery. He chose the wrong guy."

Monday's incident drew little attention from shoppers in the nearby Wal-Mart. But the incident occurred about a mile from where Dunwoody High School students Louis Nava and Dakarai Sloley were kidnapped in June 1998. Four men carjacked the two friends and took them to Bartow County, where Nava was shot to death and Sloley wounded.

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