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Store Clerk Shoots Would-Be Robber

Store Clerk Shoots Would-Be Robber
Teenager Also Tried To Carjack Woman
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MINNEAPOLIS, Updated 7:28 a.m., June 1, 2000 -- A clerk shot a 17-year-old boy who tried to rob a Minneapolis jewelry store Wednesday.

The teen entered American Quality Jewelers, 2401 Central Ave, N.E., at about 6 p.m., pointed a semi-automatic gun at the clerk and handed him a note, WCCO-TV reports.

After a second clerk set off a silent alarm, the employees tried to leave, but were stopped by the gunman. The teen then fired into a display case, but it did not shatter.

As the robber tried to flee the business, an employee shot him in the stomach.

However, the teen was not done shooting.

As he fled, the teen tried to carjack the vehicle a woman was driving. When she refused to stop, the youth fired a shot at her, just missing her head. "The bullet came so close to her head that she went to the doctor with ear pain," WCCO-TV reports.

The teen was arrested a short time later.

He was listed in satisfactory condition at the Hennepin County Medical Center Thursday.

The clerk was not arrested.

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