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by Debra Brunner

On Mothers Day, 4 of my 8 children and I attended the Washington DC March... the one /in favor/ of the Second Amendment, organized by AIM (Armed Informed Mothers) and SAS (Second Amendment Sisters). It was a wonderful rally. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp ( was spellbinding. She told us of her ordeal that lead her to want to carry her gun with her at all times (she was at Luby's Diner in Killeen, Tx, the day of the massacre, and watched her parents both get shot dead. Her gun, which she could have used to stop the slaughter, was in her car because Texas didn't have Carry Permits available at the time). Her words brought me tears, goose bumps, and a conviction that carrying a handgun is the safest way to live these days.

I heard a MMM lady shout, "I HOPE YOU ARE SHOT DEAD BY A GUN!"

After the talks, the SAS/AIM rally marched to the Capital. We were escorted by the police because the Million Mom Marchers were lining the streets showering us with jeers from the side. To me, that was OK since they do have the Right to Freedom of Speech. But then a police officer took off at a run up ahead, because of one of the Million Moms threw a rock at us. Later a young adult jumped on a car and (jeered at us?) acting like he was on PCP. I guess there's a Right to Act Stupid, too.

Marching near the back of the AIM/SAS group with my children, I heard a MMM lady shout, "I HOPE YOU ARE SHOT DEAD BY A GUN!" That made me turn around. I saw this lady had grabbed the arm of my 9 year old son and was yelling at him! The anger and temper in that lady's stance warned me if I didn't get there she was going to hit my son and hit him hard. Before I could react to this violence my 15 Year old son got between them and warned her off. For the rest of the march I felt like a Convoy Escort in hostile waters, Black folk at a Klan rally.

That was not the end of the Million Mom Power play. As I walked back to my car, the jeers turned into insults, MMM women calling me a slut, a whore, trash and "I hope you are shot dead then maybe you will see guns are evil things." I replied: "You live in a free country, you are not a slave to a master and bearing his bastard, and all this because someone was smart enough to pick up a gun and fight for his future and yours; guns are not evil, some people are evil".

Debra Brunner, mother of 8, gun owner, supporter of the Second Amendment and the Second Amendment Sisters.