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Turn the Other Cheek -- Clarified
by Pastor Roger Margerison

One of the most confused statements made is one made by Jesus when he said “turn the other cheek”. It is not a confusing statement but the lace-wearing clergy has taught that this means we should never strike back, defend ourselves or use violence. This is not what the Master taught.

During the time of His physical visit to the earth there were dangers from many quarters. From government thugs collecting taxes (no connection to the IRS please) to bandits that robbed, raped, killed and kidnapped with impunity. The disciples knew that going about in numbers as they did would deter some of the more timid bad guys. They also knew that some would not be deterred, therefore they carried a couple of rifles, oops, I mean swords. I am sure they carried them visible so they could be seen (this is just a guess though). 

The statement of Jesus to turn the other cheek is simply this, "Slap me because of my testimony for Christ or because I have done you wrong and I will turn the other cheek (or try to). Slap me because I am ugly and I will slap you back." The passage of Scripture is talking about restoring something you owe and your personal testimony for the Lord.

If you are a Christian this is doubly important as you know the Bible does not contain error or contradictions. Take the whole teaching of personal responsibility serious.

If you are not a Christian this is a good principle to live by. Wouldn’t it be a better world if the gang members that threaten your safety or your lady's security would practice the, “love your neighbor” rule? Or even if our president would?  (Oh well, never mind that one.)