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Firearm Buy back quotations

These quotes were found on Sports Shooting Association of Australia,

"John, it's not working, it's not working - it's as people always suspected that the good people would obey the rules and the bad guys would just continue on as always."
Radio Station 4BC Queensland Queensland Police Association - Merv Bainbridge on gun related crime and the gun buyback. 21/07/2000 (Full transcript here)

"It may be politically expedient or socially palatable to ban [military-style weapons], yet such measures are destined to have little effect when reducing the incidence of firearm-related crime and injury."
Reece Waiters, from the Institute of Criminology, was commissioned to do the study by the Review Of Firearms Control, chaired by Sir Thomas Thorp in 1997, which recommended the ban on military-style weapons.
Evening Post - Wellington New Zealand 29/6/2000

"The continuation of buyback programs is a triumph of wishful thinking over all the available evidence," said Garen Wintemute, director of the Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California at Davis
Chicago Tribune 9/6/2000

At a U.S. National Institute of Justice lecture delivered just weeks before Clinton's grant announcement, University of Pennsylvania professor Lawrence Sherman, who headed a wide-ranging assessment of crime prevention programs, called gun buybacks "the program that is best-known to be ineffective" in reducing firearms violence.
Chicago Tribune 9/6/2000

A Harvard University study of buyback programs in Boston in 1993 and 1994 found that nearly three-quarters of the guns recovered were made before 1968. In Seattle, one-quarter of the guns collected were inoperable.
Chicago Tribune 9/6/2000

Even though pistols were banned under the Dunblane regulations, they are still the weapon of choice for armed criminals and were used in 1,854 of the 3,029 armed robberies in England and Wales in 1997.
UK Punch Magazine 16/5/2000

"It is clear that the bans introduced in the Firearms (Amendment) Act in respect of handguns have not worked, in that for the first six months of 1999, 59 handguns have been used in West Yorkshire."
Superintendent Nigel Sutcliffe of West Yorkshire, in a Submission to Home Affairs 1999

"You know, prohibition never works, but control does" - Victorian Labor Premier Steve Bracks.
on gambling controls....
Radio 2BL 24/02/2000 Program: SALLY LOANE Time: 11:37 AM

"Gun buybacks or exchanges do not reduce violent crime rates."
Garen J. Wintermute MD MPH -
Dr Wintemute is director of the Violence Prevention Research Program, University of California,

"Gun buyback programmes were not effective if they saw guns as assets."
Virginia Gamba - Institute for Security Studies 18/1/2000 Business Day Johannesburg.
On buying back firearms from civilians in Africa

"In a surprise triumph for the gun lobby, nor do gun buyback programs seem to prevent crime."
USA National Insitute of Justice Report - Laurence Sherman author - 31/5/99
On crime prevention techniques

"A total of $500 million was spent on the semi-automatic gun buyback when the massacres this was designed to prevent claim fewer than 10 victims a year, on average."
Simon Chapman - The Australian - 20/5/99
On arguing for government funding to fight the tobacco industry

"Under the National agreement, compensation is a matter for State and Territories. This has not changed. The onus is on Victoria to finalise any outstanding compensation payments and then to seek reimbursement from the Commonwealth."
Amanda Vanstone - Justice Minister - 26/4/99 - Herald Sun
On Federal Government claims Victoria has watered down the gun laws

"Has the gun buyback scheme been a success?"
No - 973 Yes - 24
Herald Sun poll - Melbourne - 23/12/98

"The simple answer to your question is that the first part of your question has nothing to do with the second part of your question."
David Kelly - Senior Adviser - Office of Deputy Prime Minister Fischer - 16/12/98
On how the buyback will reduce crime in Australia

"The firearms buyback scheme was an equity measure to compensate people who needed to surrender firearms as a result of the changed firearm laws."
David Kelly - Senior Adviser - Office of Deputy Prime Minister Fischer - 16/12/98
On how the buyback will reduce crime in Australia

"Taxpayers were slugged hundreds of thousands of dollars so the Federal Government could buyback guns it already owned."
Sun Herald - NSW 7/12/97
On how the Government owned Australian Defence Industries sold its historical arms collection to the buyback for destruction.

Dr Christopher Walker told the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine conference at the Adelaide Festival Centre that gun law reform undertaken in 1996 in response to the Port Arthur massacre was a government fraud. "It has been one of the greatest frauds perpetrated against the Australian taxpayer," Dr Walker said. The Advertiser 13/11/97 Adelaide

" was all about draining the suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney of firearms."
Tim Fischer - Deputy Prime Minister letter to SSAA Member 9/9/97 on the gun buyback

"the new legislation banning semi-automatic firearms will do nothing to prevent the vast majority of Australia's gun deaths" - The Australian Institute of Criminology's Dr Adam Graycar
(Miles, Wayne L, "Armed Response - Gun Prohibition Spells Big Business for Australia's Black Market", Australian Penthouse, June 1997, p30.

"It is clear that the gun buyback scheme is out of control."
Andre Haermeyer - Victorian Opposition Police Minister - The Australian - 17/2/97

"There's people who have an axe to grind and I suspect a lot of males in the gun trade and older police officers who don't like seeing a young woman making a success of the scheme."
John Crook - Gun Control Australia - Daily Advertiser - Wagga Wagga - 17/2/97

On reports of rorts in the buyback scheme run by Director Karen Cleave.

"What you have here is a moveable feast of looting, rorting, bungling and deceit."
Andre Haermeyer - Victorian Opposition Spokesperson on Police - Sunday Herald Sun - 16/2/97 -
On claims of the Victorian buyback program in chaos

"We are crushing the guns on a hydraulic press out the back but they are allowed to watch it being destroyed from a viewing area."
Ian Lewis - Buyback Project Manager - QLD - Gold Coast Bulletin - 17/1/97

"This is a defining moment in Australian history and one which firearm owners, their families and the community can be very proud."
Federal Attorney-General Daryl Williams - News Mail Bundaberg - 7/1/97

Mr O'Connor received $3,950 compensation for three banned firearms - which he topped up to buy three under-and-over shotguns for $7,000.
Gun sales soar - Herald Sun - Melbourne - 13/12/96

"Under the terms of the current amnesty on illegal firearms, nobody will be prosecuted for handing in unregistered weapons."
Karen Cleave - Director Buyback Victoria - Maryborough Advertiser - 12/11/96


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Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property . . . Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them. Thomas Paine, Thoughts on Defensive War (1775).

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